The Health Corner
The SBMS Flu Plan

Dear parents,

As you know, everyone is concerned about the flu season this year because in addition to the seasonal flu, there is a separate, new strain, the H1N1 flu that is migrating through our population. Please keep the following in mind as you make family medical decisions:

In many cases, the new H1N1 flu can be milder than the seasonal flu. However, in some cases complicated with other conditions (respiratory illness, seizures, pregnancy, asthma, etc.), the H1N1 flu can become a critical illness. Please check with your M.D.

There is no way to tell if a person has the seasonal flu or the H1N1 flu by observing their symptoms because the symptoms are the same. At this point in time (September, 09), testing to determine if the flu is actually the H1N1 strain is only done in cases where there are pre-existing medical complications and/or required hospitalization.

Here at SBMS, we have a very acute “radar” for medical issues because you trust us to care for your children during our week long Outdoor Education trips. Presently, we are educating the students and modifying classroom procedures about coughing and sneezing into their elbows (I’ve heard it called the “Dracula Cough” in the elementary schools!), washing their hands more frequently and using sanitizer gel and hand wipes. (More information about this here.)

If your child comes down with a cold or flu, please be strict about keeping your child home until a full 24 hours after their fever is gone – without the use of any fever reducing drugs. In addition, if your child is showing signs of a persistent cold such as frequent sneezing and coughing, please keep them home until these major symptoms subside.

Vaccinations are a personal family medical decision and whatever decision you make, we here at SBMS will always support your child and your family.

Victor Dominocielo
Director of Health and Safety

For more information, check our More Flu Resources page.