Members of the SBMS Family
Although they are not sitting in classrooms, playing on the field or performing in the theater, parents are as integral to SBMS as students and teachers. The Santa Barbara Middle School community is an extended family, of which parents are an invaluable part. The school depends on the participation of parents in many ways, from supporting their students' studies at home, to volunteering to assist on trips, to helping provide the day-to-day services that sustain student life on campus. In turn, the faculty and staff work to inform and support the efforts of parents in dealing with life both on and off the Middle School grounds. One tool that the staff has prepared to assist parents in finding answers to basic questions is entitled the Community Handbook.

Our home on APS comes with great resources as well as challenges. Often a difficult task in the past, parking at our new home is much easier, with our expansive parking lot. In addition, it is a requirement that we drop off and pick up--as well as park--only in the lower lot, and not on Alameda Padre Serra. Please review the detailed instructions regarding transportation to and within the property.

The official body that represents the parents is the Parent Association, or PA for short. The PA helps provide a conduit for suggestions and support to and from the faculty, and organizes special events for the students. Meetings of the Parent Association are held in a variety of settings, both on campus and off, throughout the year.

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Thank you, Parents, for all you do!