Our Approach
We all begin at the same place: "The Deal"

The SBMS education begins with a commitment made by every student to put forth their best attitude and effort every day. Being at SBMS is not only a privilege, it's the educational experience of a lifetime. Both faculty and parents work consistently to this end. We ask students for a comparable commitment -- we call it "The Deal."

Excellence knows no boundaries. Empower the whole child

Our students are taught to believe in themselves. Stretched to do their best. Encouraged to persevere through adversity and help others along the way. Education begins on campus with challenging academics, creative arts and team sports. Venturing out in the world, students engage in our rigorous outdoor program, work internships and community service.

Beyond the bike: The Hero's Journey

Through riding and other intensive outdoor activities, students face challenge and adversity. Ultimately, they discover their inner strength and the depth of their compassion for others. This process of self-discovery, called The Hero's Journey, is grounded in the field of Depth Psychology and is a critical part of our education program. Our students learn self-reliance, concern for peers and a life-long attitude of service.

It takes a community

We create a diverse, supportive and interdependent environment. Which we believe is essential to the development of young people, especially during the formative middle years. At SBMS, everyone belongs. Everyone has a voice. Given safe harbor outside the nuclear family, the compassion which is fostered here then radiates into the community and the world.

An attitude of gratitude

Each moment at SBMS is precious. At every opportunity, we take the time to be thankful: for people, for opportunity, for learning, for life. While appreciation and humility are easily overlooked, we stress an awareness of our extraordinary world and teach that gratitude enriches every gift.

A sense of the sacred

Nurturing the spiritual growth of our students is an integral part of the SBMS education. In the telling of mythic stories we share the collective wisdom of those who have come before and create a legacy for those who follow. Our Rites of Passage ceremony celebrates the intellectual, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual growth of each individual. We take time to encourage our students to create the life they've imagined, and to move confidently in the direction of their dreams.

Photos by Ted Rhodes & Whitney Ingersol