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Voices from the Future
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Because Santa Barbara Middle School is such an engaging, supportive and empowering environment, departing can be a challenge. Students entering high school often find that there is a period of adjustment. Once they have acclimatized, though, our students find a sense of self-assurance and leadership from their time at Middle School that helps push them to the top. Time after time our alumni tell us that their experiences at Santa Barbara Middle School were life changing, life shaping, and a central part of how they see themselves as they progress through college and beyond. Visit our Testimonial pages for a sampling of written comments from alumni and parents, or better yet, explore the video interviews below.

The Santa Barbara Middle School TEEN PRESS set out to help document the effect of Middle School on the lives of alumni this fall. They reported from the road on the "Being the Change College Tour," gathering input from current college students and graduates on life after Middle School. Armed with high-definition video cameras and campus research, their press junket took them to U.C. San Francisco, San Francisco itself, across the bay to U.C. Berkeley, then up to U.C. Davis, and Sacramento. Keep checking back for their reports as they accumulate this fall. These are the voices from the future!

Doctor Ryan Laponis

Teacher Bryn Potter

Coach Kelly Patterson

Senior Jacob Seigel-Boettner

Sophomore David Hershorn

Freshman Claire Woolf

Junior Isaac Seigel-Boettner

Sophomore Amelia Badish

Senior Bike Mechanic Amelia Badish