To any prospective SBMS parent:

As a parent, we all wish and hope for the long term goal of independent, strong, functioning adult children. Sometimes we think in too narrow a time frame about what to do with and for our children. I have had 3 children go through SBMS, one is 25, living in Shanghai, working in sustainable agriculture and learning Chinese. One is graduating college, looking for work in an American corporation that will move her down to Buenos Aires. The third is going off to college at one of the top engineering schools in the country.

The most poignant and clear example of this is my daughter, who literally sat on my lap until she was in 2nd grade. I had forced her to leave her close friends at another school to come to SBMS, even though I believed in my heart she wouldn’t be able to make a single ride (she made them all). This last summer she went backpacking through South America, climbed up Machu Picchu and went through Ecuador and Chile, some of it all alone!  

The lessons our kids learn at SBMS of personal internal strength, endurance, and tenacity as well as learning critical thinking skills are lessons that continue to emerge for years to come. Our children may change while here at SMBS, but it comes to light more as they grow. It truly is the gift that will keep on giving.

--Karen Heimberg, Mother of Brian, 1997, Allison, 2000, and Graham, 2004.

An Open Letter to Prospective SBMS Parents