Welcome Alumni!
In our 35th year, SBMS is as exciting and innovative as it was when you were students here. Holding fast to our credo of Beginnings Are Important, we are off to a great start this year, opening our new campus to 125 exceptional students, embarking on adventurous fall expeditions, and reaching back into the past to bring our alumni community into the future with us.

This fall we embarked on several expeditions, starting off with our orientation ride to McGrath State Beach and followed by the 9th grade Channel Islands exploration, "From the Vision to the Source" (video recap in HD, or 1/4 HD). Our fall expedition season culminated with the all-school trip "Home on the Road," where ninth graders led new students up Montaña de Oro on bikes and across Morro Bay in kayaks.

Over 175 of you joined us on Alameda Padre Serra for our first on-campus reunion the Saturday after Thanksgiving. With the sun setting over Santa Barbara, Brian McWilliams read a letter from Kent Ferguson around a small circular row of bricks. Everyone present was invited to inscribe their own brick and place it amongst a row of alumni bricks spiraling out from the center of the new Kiva. Soon music was filling the halls as Marco led a smaller group in a Led Zeppelin jam session. Just as we've been working to turn our new campus into a home for our students, we've also been making it a home to our alumni. It was great to see all of the familiar faces and put a face to so many familiar names from our own SBMS legends. If you weren't able to join us, please stop by anytime for a tour.

As we head into 2012, we hope to continue the momentum on campus and within our alumni community. There are many ways for you to re-connect at SBMS, from speaking at a Friday Town Meeting or going on a trip, to becoming a class rep, volunteering your time or expertise, or contributing to our annual fund. Please visit our Alumni Circle page to find out more about our efforts and how you can join in to stay connected and keep the fire burning.

Brian McWilliams reads a letter from Kent Ferguson around the first row of bricks in our new Kiva at the Jefferson campus on APS.

The most important thing we can do is stay connected. Help us by updating your current contact info as well as letting us know about the milestones you've reached in your life. There are a couple of ways to keep in touch. Check back to this SBMS website as we continue to build a more robust forum for alumni, complete with video clips, photos, chat forums and more. You can also "like" our new Santa Barbara Middle School Alumni Facebook page or email me directly at

I'm looking forward to the next 35 years!

The next generation, children of alums on our fall orientation trip.


Kara Petersen
Alumni Relations
Class of 1996