The Extended Classroom


Learning continues outside the classroom through our unique, accredited Outdoor Education program. All students participate in three extended trips a year, ranging from biking through the Santa Barbara backcountry, to backpacking on Catalina Island, to kayaking the Gaviota Coast, to climbing Mount Whitney. These expeditions challenge students to push through personal boundaries, while building self-confidence, responsibility, and cooperation.


Seventh and eighth grade students serve in a local business for one week per year, learning responsibility, independence, and qualities needed to be successful in the workplace. Whether engaging with adults at a downtown business or helping in a classroom at a local elementary school, our students learn how to interact in the workplace and gain valuable skills that serve them well beyond their time at SBMS. Sixth grade students stay together as a class and are introduced to a variety of careers through field trips, guest speakers, and community service projects.

Ninth graders perform one week of community service in a variety of non-profit organizations, including the Friendship Center, Unity Shoppe, Storyteller Children’s Center, and Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. Receiving high school credit for their community service hours, our ninth graders learn self-reliance, concern for peers, and an awareness of local social issues.


SBMS is committed to meeting the academic needs of all students. We offer a Learning Support and Accommodation program designed to provide support to students with minimal diagnosed language, learning, or attentional difficulties. Through this program, students are offered tools and accommodations necessary for academic achievement. Students learn to capitalize on strengths, overcome weaknesses, and become independent learners. Faculty members work collaboratively with the learning specialist to make appropriate accommodations. Space is limited. For detailed information on this program, please contact the SBMS office at 805-682-2989 or email


We offer students a variety of opportunities to engage in meaningful leadership experiences designed to promote self-confidence and service to others. Classes and opportunities, including Bike Monkeys, Ninth Grade Council of Five, Yearbook, Teen Press, and Outdoor Education expeditions are a positive contributing factor to the school culture and community.