Creative Arts & Sports: Fridays
Sample Offerings & Descriptions

Friday Electives run from 1.5 to 3+ hours, depending on the type of activity and location.

Friday Electives are structured to allow a more in-depth experience, often being held off-campus.

Click here for the list of currently offered Friday Electives.

Ocean Sports

(Christine, Victor, David): Class starts with a swim test and a review of safety procedures. Students are in the ocean for every class session. We visit a variety of beaches around town and swimming, surfing, body surfing, stand up paddling and kayaking are our usual activities. Students will learn to respect and enjoy the largest wilderness area on the planet! What better way to finish the week and start the weekend? This class will arrive back at SBMS at 5:15pm on Friday evenings.

Mountain Biking

(John, Jesse K, Jim, Parents): Yahoo! Mountain bikers of all abilities will spend Fridays exploring all the mountain biking spots in the Santa Barbara front country. We'll ride til Sunset on fire road, single track, and jump courses. Ellwood Bluffs, Elings Park, Power Lines, Romero, and Ojai's Sulphur Mountain beckon. Unless otherwise forewarned, we will get back to SBMS at 5:30.

Ultimate Frisbee

(Jake): Participants will learn and practice various throwing and catching techniques with the frisbee and then play the game of Ultimate against other participants in the class. This class is for all grades, abilities, gender, requires no fee and will end at 3:20pm.


(Marco): Tennis covers the fundamentals of singles and doubles skills in a friendly and non-competitive environment. Fundamental concepts covered: Ground Strokes, Net Play, Serve, Strategy. Course Grading: Pass/Fail

Candles and Clay

(Suzanne): During this Friday afternoon workshop students divide their time between creating a variety of candles and clay slab work. Clay projects include 3D plaques, bowls and vases, candle holders and totems. Candle projects include drip candles, rolled beeswax, freeform candles and work with molds.

Illustrated Journals

(Pam): An illustrated diary or journal links the creative processes of visual art and writing. Express your creative fire using your written thoughts and artistic embellishments. No previous art or writing experience needed. Requirements: The desire to be inspired by anything and creatively express those ideas. Materials: bound journal or single sheets to be bound later, drawing medium (colored pens, watercolors, watercolor pencils), embellishments, art paper scraps, creative media to share with others, and a box in which to keep material. Glue and gesso will be provided.