Equipment & Packing
Or "How to stay warm & dry"

Many SBMS teachers, taking thousands of students on wilderness adventures have developed the following information over the last 30 years. We know from experience, there is nothing worse than having a large group of cold, wet children on a long journey. Sometimes it rains for days in October and sometimes it even snows in June! Our number one concern is the safety of the children on our journeys. The required equipment and clothing on this list forms the fundamental basis of that protection from the elements.

Before each of our trips, we will publish a specific equipment list. It will include everything your child will need on that particular trip. Please pay close attention and pack accordingly, bringing only the items listed on the equipment list. Check here for information about the upcoming expedition.

Most items you will need are available at Whit’s Warehouse to help save you the trouble of shopping all over town. Whit’s Warehouse has sleeping bags, tents, clothing, rain gear, etc.—all researched, especially for SBMS trips. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Whitney Ingersoll at 682-2989 ext. 111 and she will be happy to guide you. You can make an appointment and she will take you through all of the gear we carry in the Warehouse.

For sources of equipment other than Whit’s Warehouse, we've compiled a list of stores in the area, some of whom give discounts to SBMS students at trip time. (To take advantage of the discount, you must bring in a printed copy of the equipment list for the upcoming trip.)

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