Past Journeys
"Outdoor Education"--it seems too short a title for what we do and what we achieve during our school journeys. We build ourselves the most--both as individuals and as a community--when we are on the road. When we are away from the comforts of home, we grow to depend on ourselves and on our fellow SBMS travellers to get through. It's a powerful experience, and it changes us.

As we travel, we strive to leave no trace of our passage on the land, only upon our memories. (For this, it sure doesn't hurt to have the aid of recording devices!)

Here is a collection of photos and videos to help supplement our memories of the journeys:

Academic Year

2014-15...."The Power of Story -- Yours, Mine, Ours"

2013-14...."The Power of Story -- What's Your Verse?"

...."Larger Voices Calling: Opportunity, Service & Wisdom"

2011-12...."Roots, Reflections & Revolutions: Home in the Halls of Jefferson"

2010-11..."Oceans of Discovery: Exploring the Depths, Expanding Horizons"

... "BRIDGES: Respect the Past, Imagine the Future"

... "Plan to Attend, Plan to Succeed"

... "Two Million Miles--The Legends Continue"

... "Explore, Learn, Connect"