Whit's Warehouse
Where to go for those in the know

WHIT'S WAREHOUSE is a school – owned outfitting store that is available for SBMS families for trip related clothing and camping equipment. It is operated by Whitney Ingersoll, veteran SBMS teacher, and former SBMS Trip Coordinator. In addition to the required equipment, we also carry backpacking and kayaking supplies for other SBMS trips throughout the year.

Before trips the Warehouse is open during most days at either Diamond Time (8:00-9:00) or after school (3:00 – 4:00). Specific Warehouse hours will be posted in the scoop at trip time. The warehouse will generally be open the two weeks before each trip for your shopping needs.

During the school year, if you need to get something from the Warehouse, please email Angie Dukes or Whitney Ingersoll for an appointment.

Please review the Equipment List page to see what sorts of things you'll need to pack--and what you can get at the Warehouse!